2021 TOGETHER/APART is a continuation of a long-time overseas collaboration. Photomontages and photo-based sculptures of surreal cityscapes embody the disquieting experience of how our lives have been interrupted and transformed by the ravages of a global pandemic.

In March, 2020, we – Natalie Christensen (USA) and Jim Eyre (UK) — retreated from our daily routines and into our homes for an unprecedented period. During prolonged lockdowns, we relied more than ever on the digital arena for connection, support and psychological survival. Time fell in on itself, one day unrecognizable from the next. New cases, hospitalizations, and deaths mounted: these grim realities became a soft drone in the background of our languishing. It became impossible not to know someone who had been sickened. Misinformation targeted the vulnerable and humanity devolved further. Pockets of rage materialized against masks, vaccinations and science. Variants emerged and changed the game again and again. Covid-19 radically altered our experience of the world. The virus forced us in the starkest of terms to recognize the perilousness and unpredictability of everything we had known.

These collaborative photo collages and sculptures are conversations that occurred between London and Santa Fe about our shared experiences of everyday existence. Architectural fragments and elements of the landscape from each of our home environments are entwined to present our shared experience of shock, loneliness, anger, and fear. We paradoxically created intentional chaos through the mediums of photography, film and sculpture; it was our way of grasping for order, healing, or catharsis in an increasingly unsettled world.